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Exhibitions at The Peace Museum

Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions The Peace Museum’s unique exhibitions explore peace history as w …

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The Peace Museum Collection

The Peace Museum has a collection of over 7,000 items. These objects tell the, often untold, stories …

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2000 Visitors!

Thank you to everybody who has visited the museum this year. We have had over 2000 visitors and almost 8000 people reached through our outreach programme. This is the highest figures we have ever had! We look forward to welcoming and reaching many more people in the new year.

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Winter/ Spring 2017-2018 Newsletter

Keep up to date with whats been happening at The Peace Museum and discover all about our  plans for the future. Download our latest newsletter HERE! Please share to your networks and should you require paper copies, email info@peacemuseum.org.uk with the quantity required and mailing address. Thank You.

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