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Australia Peace Poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1986 Description:  This peace poster states “Australia Declares Peace on the World”. The slogan may be a reference to a book published in 1986 with the same title for the International Year of Peace, which contained The Findings of the National Inquiry into Peace and Justice in Australia.  The poster was used […]

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International Fund for the Development of Physical Education and Sport poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1986 Description: The poster is from the International Fund for the development of physical education and sport. It was produced by UNESCO in 1986. The poster was designed by Swiss artist Hans Erni who is known for mixing science, mythology and history in his works. In 1978, the UNESCO General Conference set up […]

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Southwark Nuclear Free Zone Poster

Object Type: Poster Date: 1980s Description: An Easter peace poster from Southwark: A Nuclear Free Zone, which shows an image of hot cross buns on a tray. Instead of a cross on each bun though, is the CND symbol.  A Nuclear Free Zone is a place where nuclear weapons and nuclear power are banned.  The […]

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People Need Water Not Weapons Poster

Item type: Poster Description: Poster produced by Quaker Peace and Service. The text reads “People Need Water Not Weapons.  Modern technology has made it possible to deliver a bomb across the world in minutes.  Women in rural areas of Asia and Africa still walk several hours a day for the family’s water supply.”

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Nicaragua poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1960-1995 Description: The  poster  reads ‘the revolution is also for lakes, rivers, trees, and animals’ and it was produced by the Environmental Network for Nicaragua.  The poster was donated to the museum by the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign in 1997.

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The Cosmos for Peaceful Use poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1980s Description: The poster has a blue background with white stars and yellow stars which are connected to create a shape which appears to be a dove. The poster was produced in the USSR in the 1980s and the writing on it reads “The Cosmos For Peaceful Use”.

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Tripoli Conference Poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1978 Description: The poster is advertising the World Conference on the Path to Development and International Cooperation, which took place in Tripoli. It originates from Warsaw, Poland.

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