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Children’s Art Competition – Life, Peace and Nothing Else

Inspired by our brand-new exhibition of work by 9-year-old Iranian artist, Kimiya entitled Life, Peace and Nothing Else, we’re running a Children’s Art Competition! On the subject of Life, Peace, and Nothing Else, artist Kimiya has created nearly thirty acrylic on canvas paintings to emphasise, in her words “the importance of peace for all inhabitants […]

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Life, Peace and Nothing Else – New Exhibition

The Peace Museum is delighted to announce a brand new temporary exhibition, Life Peace and Nothing Else featuring work by 9 year old Iranian artist, Kimiya. At  the age of nine years old Kimiya Nazanin Nargess Esmailpour has already had two painting exhibitions in the National Art Gallery of Iran. A child prodigy, with an IQ of 130, Kimiya is now having her second solo exhibition in the United Kingdom at The Peace Museum. On the subject of “Life, […]

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