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War must be renounced as well as Denounced

War must be renounced as well as Denounced. Item type Poster and sandwich board Date 1937 Description Poster board dating from 1937, carried in Peace Pledge Union marches. In October 1934 Canon Dick Sheppard, an Anglican priest and pacifist, wrote to the press, calling on men to send him postcards declaring their rejection of war. […]

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Church of England Pacifists

Church of England Pacifists Item type Banner Date 1961 Description Banner carried by the Anglican Pacifsts group on the march from Aldermaston to London in 1961 (printed on both sides). During Easter 1958 the CND-backed anti-nuclear march from London to the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston in Berkshire attracted up to 10,000 participants. This first […]

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What is a Nuclear-Free Zone?

Description Poster explaining what a Nuclear Free Zone is in different langauges, published by Manchester City Council. On 5th November 1980 Manchester City Council became the first local authority in Britain to declare itself a ‘Nuclear Free Zone’. The Council was against the siting, production and transport of nuclear material in the area for which […]

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The A-Bomb and Humanity

This powerful exhibition examines the atomic bombing of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, focusing especially on how people were affected and how survivors responded to such unimaginable loss and destruction.

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