On This Day: Women’s Activism at Greenham Common

  Our placement student Emilia Bazydlo from University of Leeds has written the following post about just one of the groundbreaking moments in the history of peace activism to occur at the iconic Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp.  On this day 37 years ago, on 1st of April 1983, 70,000 peace demonstrators formed a human chain […]

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Aldermaston March and Nuclear Weapons Tests

On 4th April 1958 a few thousands of people gathered on Trafalgar Square. They marched for four days, often in unfavourable weather conditions, to Aldermaston. Some of them dropped out along the route, but the majority peacefully reached their destination. The march was Britain’s first expression of mass protest after World War II. The still […]

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Chernobyl-A Nuclear Disaster

The events of 26th April 1986 have had a renewed interest since the release of HBO’s television series, examining the aftermath of the nuclear disaster. Millions across the world have watched the series. Tourism has increased to the region. Has Chernobyl renewed the debate around nuclear power? Emilia Bazydlo examines the event and how it […]

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Object of the Moment-International Conscientious Objector Day

Conscientious Objectors To coincide with International Conscientious Objectors Day, here are two of the many Conscientious Objectors that we have information about at The Peace Museum. Thomas Linwood Bower Thomas Linwood Bower was a Conscientious Objector from Bradford who refused to fight during the First World War. He opposed the war effort on religious grounds […]

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