Item type: Postcard Date: 1963 = 2004 Description: Postcard symbolically showing the benefits of cooperation. This famous design was used on the posters of many peace groups.

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Item type: Poster Date: 1980 = 1989 Description: Poster created by Iraqi artist Muatsim Abd-Alkarim, who was killed by Iraqi government forces in 1983.

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Give Peace A Chance

Item type: Poster Date: 1960 = 1989 Description: Poster of John Lennon with the title of his 1969 single “Give Peace A Chance.” John Lennon was born on 9th October 1940 in Liverpool. He was a member of one of the most famous bands to be created in Britain, The Beatles. After many hits with […]

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Het Bonhe!

Item type: poster Date: 1980 Description: Soviet peace poster produced in 1980. This poster was part of an exhibition staged in the early 1980s by the Co-operative Society Retail Service, London Region political committee.

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