Paul Peter Piech linocut

Item type: Linocut print Date: 1983 Description: The linocut print features a red square of clasped hands which surround two figures also holding hands. In green text below is a quotation from pope John XXIII: `Love not fear must dominate the relationship between individuals and between nations’.

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A Girl from Chimel

Item type: Book Date: 2005 Description: The book is The Girl from Chimel by Rigoberta Menchu Tum, the winner of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize, which she received “in recognition of her work for social justice and ethno-cultural reconciliation based on respect for the rights of indigenous peoples”.

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The Cosmos for Peaceful Use poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1980s Description: The poster has a blue background with white stars and yellow stars which are connected to create a shape which appears to be a dove. The poster was produced in the USSR in the 1980s and the writing on it reads “The Cosmos For Peaceful Use”.

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Raymond Briggs Christmas Card

Item type: Greetings card Date: 1982 Description:  A Christmas card by Raymond Briggs, which features a cartoon of Father Christmas being mistaken for a nuclear missile attack. It was produced by European Nuclear Disarmament and was donated to the museum in 1999.

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Postcard of Margaret Thatcher Banner

Item type: Postcard Date: 1982 Description:  The postcard shows a photograph taken at Greenham Common of a woman holding a banner.  The banner reads “Dear Margaret, Here’s your Christmas cheque. Don’t spend it on bombs for the children. Love, Mother xxx”. 

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