Celebrate ‘Peace One Day’: Come see the Bradford Peace Tree

OBJECT OF THE FORTNIGHT 20/09/2013 BRADFORD PEACE TREE As our recent news update explained (http://www.peacemuseum.org.uk/2013/09/17/peace-one-day-21st-september-2013/), Saturday 21st September is ‘Peace One Day’. The museum will be open from 10am until 2pm that day for people to celebrate ‘Peace One Day’ by visiting us or to pick up a Routes to Peace Heritage Trail to visit monuments and places of peace around Bradford. One object that is permanently on display for visitors to see is the Bradford Peace Tree, which is our object of the fortnight. The Bradford Peace Tree was originally made in 2005 for the Bradford and District Peace Festival. An old tree branch was decorated with green ribbons by children from Newby Primary School. Each ribbon represents a peace promise made by each pupil. The Bradford Peace Tree was used again 2010. The Bradford Women for Peace group held a ‘green ribbon event’ in peaceful opposition to the English Defence League (EDL) gathering in Bradford. Passers-by were invited to show their support and wish for peace by adding green ribbons to the tree that was placed at Ivegate. The idea and concept of peace trees has grown over recent years with many groups, organisations and individuals using trees as a symbol of peace and hope. There is a National Peace Tree Day on the 1st of June which is celebrated in some Canadian and American States and some Indian cities. But Peace Trees have been used in Iroquois (Native-American) culture for centuries. The Tree of Peace was a symbol of peace between the Iroquois and European settlers. Peace agreements were made by both sides by burying their weapons under trees – the trees were replanted on top of the weapons to seal the peace agreement and the tree would then be known as the Tree of Peace. We hope you can celebrate ‘Peace One Day’ with us.

Councillor Naveeda Ikram, as the Lord Mayor of Bradford at the time, ties a ribbon onto the 'Peace Tree'

Councillor Naveeda Ikram, as the Lord Mayor of Bradford at the time, ties a ribbon onto the ‘Peace Tree’

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