Choices Then and Now – a different sort of WWI resource for schools and colleges

The Peace Museum has a new resource for intending teachers and those already in post called Choices Then and Now. This may also be of interest to community groups and those working in the museum, heritage and voluntary sectors. Choices Then and Now written and produced for the Peace Museum by Diane Hadwen and Ben Chalcraft, is a cross curricular approach to teaching about World War I and recent and current conflicts, considering the choices available to and made by people in response to key events and ‘days that changed the world’. It comprises a full colour booklet that provides a scheme of work, differentiated medium term plans and untold  stories  for primary, secondary and post sixteen students. There is an accompanying CD ROM resource bank, with limited stories and activities for Key Stage 1, plus a range of  materials for teaching and learning across all phases (largely drawn from items in the Peace Museum UK’s extensive collection). There is also a supporting website Choices Then and Now explores challenging issues, peace, conflict, extremism and resilience.  It considers the role of emerging technologies in influencing opinions and what we know about the world, asking students to evaluate the purpose and intention of the messages that may be found on the Internet and in the media. FREE CPD and school based support is available for teachers in Bradford Metropolitan District  (BMDC) Schools from January 2014. Please click here to see more details about the Bradford project. CPD and the Choices Then and Now resource is also be available outside the Bradford District click here for more information. The trial version of Choices Then and Now is  available in hard copy FREE to schools and college in BMDC for a limited period.  If you would like a copy  and are outside the BMDC please contact the Museum.  The second edition will be available to  buy from January 2014 price £19.99, plus p&p. For more details contact [email protected]  01274 – 780241.  

The Conchie

The Conchie – Arthur W. Gay – one of the visual literacy resources in Choices Then and Now.

Many thanks to Bradford College, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the Schools Linking Network , West Yorkshire Lives and the Innovation and Cohesion Works for supporting Choices Then and Now. Choices Then and Now written and produced by Diane Hadwen and Ben Chalcraft (Innovation and Cohesion Works) for the Peace Museum UK (C) Peace Museum UK  

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