Documenting peace stories

The Peace Museum has been working on two exciting projects to build its video and sound archives.


Since early 2010, the museum has been working in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University on an oral and video history project.  The museum helped train a group of student volunteers to conduct and record interviews of people who have been invovled with peace work in their communities.  To date, the project has captured the life stories of six people who have worked in various ways to build peace in their communities.  The project will continue into 2011, with the goal of producing (and transcribing) a total of 10 interviews.

Sports and peace

In the build-up to the London 2012 Olympics, the museum began working on a project which involves young people and school children interviewing contemporary sporting icons about peace and sports. This project’s first such interview involved Leeds primary school pupil, Maya, interviewing world renowned cricketer Imran Khan: Imran Khan on sports and peace Note:  The views expressed by Imran Khan are not necessarily those of The Peace Museum.

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