Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions

The Peace Museum’s unique exhibitions explore peace history as well as contemporary issues, local heritage, peacemakers stories and the ways in which people have worked to make the world a better place to live. See the unique artefacts and exhibitions on display, by visiting our small, but attractive Museum galleries. Our current exhibits encompass local, national and international peace history. Our ‘Bradford Room’ chronicles Bradford’s long affinity with peace, peacemaking and peacemakers, such as the famous Hockneys and social campaigners Margaret MacMillan and William Forster. We have a room dedicated to the First World War, telling the stories of those who opposed the war, including conscientious objectors such as the ‘Richmond 16’. The room links to our ‘Choices Then and Now’ resource and project which will soon form an offsite exhibition. Watch this space for further updates! Other exhibits look at Campaigning; then and now.  Our Greenham Common: Common Ground, Uncommon women exhibit details the tireless campaigning of the Greenham women. Our temporary exhibition space is currently a history of women’s peace campaigning and has been extended by popular demand.   We also have the mini- exhibition ‘What Story Will You Tell?’ the story of Sadako Sasaki (of paper cranes fame!). A particular favourite with children visiting the Museum. More information can be found under the ‘Exhibitions‘ and ‘Collections‘ tab.

In Leeds? Why not visit our exhibition at the Royal Armouries?

‘A Farewell to Arms?’ 

This exhibition was created in conjunction with the Royal Armouries and is on permanent display in the War Gallery on the second floor.  It focuses on the idea of conversion – from war to peace, from weapons and armour to useful tools or symbolic images. The display explores the positive changes that have been – and are still being – made by individuals, groups and whole nations that choose to replace conflict with peace.

Travelling Exhibitions

The Museum has several travelling exhibitions which can be loaned out and displayed. Please click the link for more information.

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