Faith and Peace Project

Faith and Peace is a 3-year Peace Museum project funded by the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship and led by Peace Education Worker, Liz Firth.

The first year of the Faith and Peace project has been exciting and full of unexpected surprises!

We have worked with 3 groups of women to explore themes of faith and peace through the lens of gender. The women were encouraged to capture their experiences, perspectives and stories creatively using textiles, printing and painting.

Creative Workshops with Women

In partnership with Al-Markaz ul Islami we brought together Muslim women who had all fled Syria as refugees. The women created a Tree of Life which featured their own perspectives and responses to the themes of Faith and Peace.

In partnership with Shine, a community organisation  working out of St Stephen’s CofE Church in the heart of West Bowling Bradford, we worked alongside an established group of women who meet every week and from a huge range of ages, backgrounds, heritages and life experience. The women created individual lino cuts which were printed and brought together as a book which reflects their feelings and experiences of Faith and Peace as women.

Finally we worked with a diverse group of local Christian and Muslim women who met weekly at Bradford Cathedral. Alongside Cathedral staff and an experienced textile artist, the women created a textile piece of art which was inspired by a stained glass window in the Cathedral which features women from the Bible, all of whom were peacemakers in their own lives.

The original artworks created will be exhibited at Christchurch Cathedral in Oxford during October and November. 

The women have all been invited to Oxford to visit the exhibition in situ and plans are being made for a day-long workshop for the women to work alongside each other at Bradford Cathedral towards the end of 2017.

We have planned more partnerships, workshops and events for Year 2 and will continue to research and create resources for use by other groups in exploring peacemaking.

Quotes from those involved

For me it was about the positive of what women do and how they hold things together but also a sense of how they can be constrained by gender

Peace is a lack of conflict and an environment where people can thrive and be creative

For me peace is safe, it’s being safe

I want peace for all people, French, English , Arabic, anyone. For children, Anyone.

Peace means the people live together without any conflict, from different races, colour, origins, speak to each other without any disturbances and wishing for each other the goodness, not wanting any control. This life is short, we have to live it as happily as we can. 

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