Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp Archives – the Lynette Edwell Collection.

On November 17 a unique archive documenting all aspects of the Greenham Common Peace Women’s lives and campaigns will be made available to the public for the first time at Berkshire Record Office.  The archive will be known as the Lynette Edwell Collection and comprises primary source material entrusted to Lynette Edwell by Greenham women over a period of 30 years.  Until now all the documents and objects had been kept safely stored in Edwell’s home, it is very exciting that they have now been made available for others to see. A second collection to be housed at West Berkshire Museum will include a ‘Greenham Getaway’ (the tent specially designed by Quaker supporters for use at the camp), a hat, coat and megaphone used by Lynette Edwell together with a collection of badges, banners, pictures and embroideries. Lynette Edwell was a working journalist during the Greenham Common years and welcomed the original marches from Cardiff when they arrived in Newbury in September 1981.  As an active member of the camp she was arrested many times and served time in Holloway Prison.  Her home was a base for Greenham women throughout the campaign.  She helped to set up Cruisewatch, and was a press contact and public speaker on behalf of both the peace camp and Cruisewatch. Here at the Peace Museum we have a lot of fascinating objects in our permanent display about Greenham Common.  This includes, photos, banners, placards and pieces of the fence that the women chained themselves to.  If you want to find out more and come see our display.  You are more than welcome to come down.  We are open every Thursday 10:00 – 16:00 or other days are available by appointment for group visits.     Sarah Bartey

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