Hiroshima Day 2016

Thank you to everybody who attended the vigil at Norfolk Gardens on Saturday 6 August in remembrance of those who were killed or injured in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.  It was a great turnout.
Special thanks also must go out to the Lord Mayor Councillor Geoff Reid and the Lady Mayoress for their support at the event and to Yorkshire CND for organising the event in conjunction with the Peace Museum.

The event consisted of a reading by the Lord Mayor of Bradford (Councillor Geofff Reid) of the declaration made earlier that morning by the Mayor of Hiroshima. Contributory readings of poems and stories were also made by other members of the public, groups and organisations. This was followed by the laying down of flowers and the lighting of candles. It was an extremely moving event.

Afterwards everybody was invited back to a reception at the Peace Museum, with the opportunity to look around the museum enjoy some light refreshments and to discuss and reflect upon the effects of the events of 1945 and the continuing threat of nuclear weapons in our world today.

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