Peacemakers’ Badge

We are very happy to have an official badge now for all our Museum  ‘Peacemakers’. Designed by Harry Jones from Harden Primary, this badge was one of many ideas put forward by Peacemakers from nine different schools who continue to be involved in the Museum’s Peace Challenge project (kindly sponsored by the Soroptimists International, Bingley).

Peacemakers from Trinity and All Saints Primary, Bingley, in action at the Museum

Harry’s design was chosen by his fellow Peacemakers (with a little help from Olympic Torch Bearer Brenda Thomson) as the one that most represented their Peace Challenge work. They are all now wearing the badge as a symbol of their peace-making roles in school and the wider community. If you are an educationalist and would like to know more about how to get your school involved in the Peacemaker and Peace Challenge initiatives please contact Diane on 01274 – 780241.

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