Remembering the Kindertransport: Opening Event

 Friday 27th JanuaryTo coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day the Peace Museum held a special evening event to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition entitled ‘Remembering the Kindertransport.’ The exhibit tells the moving stories of two Kindertransport children: Ursula Michel and Axel Landmann who fled to England to escape Nazi persecution before the outbreak of the Second World War.  The stories are brought to life with photographs, documents and the two cases one belonging to Axel and one to Ursula that carried the precious few possessions that they were allowed to bring with them.  The evening was very well attended and included a film screening, talks and a question and answer session from guest speakers: Judith Rhodes, the daughter of Ursula Michel and Mike Kennedy assisted by Alan with a story about a Kindertransport child who stayed with his parents in Belfast.

Please note this exhibition has now closed.

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