Reportage Drawing as Activism

Saturday 2nd June

3pm – 4pm

For the past ten years Jill Gibbons has visited arms fairs in Europe and the Middle East, by masquerading as an arms trader with a suit, paste pearls and a sham business. Once inside, she draws and collects complementary gifts.

Join Jill at The Peace Museum for a practical workshop on ‘Reportage Drawing as Activism’.

Spaces are limited to 15 people. Please bring your own equipment, such as, sketchbooks, pencils and rubbers.

If you wish to attend please contact The Peace Museum to book your ticket: [email protected] / 01274 780241

Jill Gibbons work will be on display at The Peace Museum from Friday 13th April until Thursday 28th June in a temporary exhibition entitled The Etiquette of the Arms Trade: Ten Years Drawing in Arms Fairs.

Visit Jill Gibbons website here to find out more about her work.

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