Resolute Approach poster

Item type: Poster Date: 1983 Description: The poster is entitled ‘Resolute Approach’. It shows a calendar of January 1st with some suggestions for peaceful resolutions. These are as follows: 1. Work for Peace. 2. Join a Peace Group. 3. Wear a peace badge. 4. Support Lambeth Council’s Nuclear Free Zone work. 5. Support a peace camp. 6. Invite a Council speaker to your club or organisation. 7. Get informaed about the issues. 8. Sign the Lambeth Peace Pledge. 9. Talk about Nuclear issues with your friends. 10. Stop feeling helpless about Nuclear War – there is something you can do about it. The poster was produced by Lambeth Peace and Nuclear Affairs Movement to support ‘Lambeth A Nuclear Free Zone’. Size: 76 x 51 cm [nggallery id=46]


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