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Star Wars Banner

Item type: Banner Date: 1980-2000 Description: Large banner of yellow fluorescent nylon with black painted CND symbol and pointing hand and the text “Point The Finger No Star Wars”.

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Simple Peace Banner

Object type: Banner Date: Mid-1980s Description: The banner is made of cotton cloth with the word “Peace” painted over a rainbow of colours and shows a dove carrying an olive branch.

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Mothers for Peace banner

Item type: Banner Date: 1991 Description: Multi-coloured banner made by Mothers for Peace. It comprises many different pieces made by women from the UK and USA. It is 204 x 303.5 cm. The banner was made to celebrate ten years of Mothers for Peace.

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Bicycle pendants

Item type: Banner Date: Between 1980 and 2010 Description: Eight small bicycle pendants, each made of a long triangle of nylon with the outline of a bicycle painted on.

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Greenham March banner

Item type: Banner Date: 1981 Description: Green banner showing the route from Cardiff to Greenham Common of the Peace March in August 1981. The walk was 120 miles and around 40 walkers took part.

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