The Peace Museum at PeaceJam 2010

The Peace Museum took part in the fourth annual PeaceJam youth conference in Bradford 5-7 March 2010.  Over 170 young people aged 13-19 came to the University of Bradford to spend the weekend in the company of Nobel Peace Prize winner and president of East Timor José Ramos-Horta and to learn about peace building.  The theme of this year’s conference was ‘eradicating extreme poverty’ and The Peace Museum was one of eight external organisations running workshops in relation to the conference theme. The Peace Museum’s interactive workshop entitled “What’s the message?” involved particpants in exploring the theme of poverty using artefacts from the museum’s collection.  Examing historical campaign material (posters, T-shirts, banners), students saw how people in times past campaigned against poverty.  Students donned protective gloves and got to handle the artefacts.  Participants were especially interested to handle the museum’s large banner entitled “It’s Us or Them” which has on one side images of how the world would look if people choose peaceful options, and on the other side, images of how the world would look if people make only violent, destructive choices.  Participants then had the opportunity to design their own campaign material relating to poverty (see above right photo showing participants creating their own campaign posters). In addtion to runnning a workshop, the museum’s Nobel Exhibition was on display throughout the conference and participating schools have subsequently expressed interest in borrowing this exhibition. PeaceJam UK is part of an international education programme led by Nobel Peace Prize winners which started in the USA over ten years ago and now operates in nine other countries worldwide.  Bradford is the only European city to host this unique event.  PeaceJam aims to inspire young people to be active citizens and peacemakers and helps them choose non-violent solutions to their issues and problems, whist offering them alternative, positive role models. The Peace Museum's Nobel Exhibition on display at PeaceJam UK 2010 at the University of Bradford

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