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This Is Who I Am by ice&fire present first-hand accounts of LGBT+ people seeking asylum in the UK about their experiences in their own country and on arrival in the UK, addressing the particular challenges they face. These accounts are read by members of the Actors for Human Rights Network, an outreach project run by ice&fire who are a London based theatre company exploring human rights stories through performance.

21 February 2019


Pay what you decide


Please arrive 15 mins in advance to secure your ‘Pay What You Decide’ ticket. If you don’t have a ticket it is possible to turn up for tickets that may not have been claimed.

“Then they separated us. We tried to say no, we applied for asylum as a couple. They say we don’t have any civil evidence that we are a couple. And we’re like – how can we show you any civil evidence if homosexuality is forbidden in my country?”  – Testimonial from This Is Who I Am

The Peace Museum is very pleased to be presenting this event at Kala Sangam during LGBTQ+ History month 2019 as part the museum’s current project Peace OUT exploring Peace and LGBTQ+ activism which will result in an exhibition launched during Bradford Pride 2019. #peaceout19

This event will be chaired by Kala Sangam’s Alex Croft and will be followed by a post-show discussion. There will also be a short introduction to The Peace Museum and their Peace OUT project by project manager Rosanne Robertson.

From Spring 2019 the majority of performances at Kala Sangam are now Pay What You Decide, which means you don’t have to pay until after you have seen a show!

Tickets are available to book in advance as usual, but there is no obligation for you to pay until after you have seen the show. You can then decide on a price which you think is suitable based on your experience, which means if you haven’t enjoyed it at all, you don’t have to pay anything.

All money collected helps pay the artists who have performed, and we therefore hope you will give generously.

Please ensure you have arrived and collected your tickets 15 minutes before the show starts in order to secure your seats. At the end of the show, you can decide what to pay, either by cash or card on the door.

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Image: MANCHESTER, 24 July 2017 – Megan Nankabirwa ( blue hair tips) and her partner Lydia Nabukenya in Manchester’s gay village. The pair fled Uganda, where homosexuality is outlawed, after they were discovered to be in a relationship.
Christopher Thomond for The Guardian.

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