What the visitors say!

About the Museum

“What a calm and inspiring place!” “A wonderful experience.” “The Peacemaker guides (pupils from Bradford primary and secondary schools) were FAB. They were so inspiring and professional.” “Thank you! We came, were inspired and will make ‘change’ happen.” “Super museum, like no other.” “The big questions are a fantastic idea.” ” Love the way the Museum stresses peace as an active, not passive process.” “Very impressive exhibitions celebrating peace heritage and the wonderful city of Bradford.” “The big questions really make you think!” “Well done Bradford you are leading the way in this work in this country!”

About our Education Programmes

“As we wrap up a very busy and successful year at school, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your support and encouragement over the course of the year. Working with colleagues at the Peace Museum and Culture Fusion was a real highlight for us…… the opening evening had a very big impact on the children.” ‘I’m really thrilled to be able to take Sport, Courage, Peace and Friendship’ back to school to carry on this work. Our visit has given me inspiration!’ “Exciting  to find so many brilliant ideas that I can use with my class. Thank you!” “The pupil Peacemakers loved every minute of this work.” The activities were accessible for all our pupils.” “This work really motivated and engaged our more challenging pupils.” “Well planned, appropriate activities. Will definitely be coming again!” “Thank you for a great day. Our children really enjoyed using the iPods and iPads and seeing the results appear on the big screen like magic.” “We need this sort of work in school to help children think about how we can live together.” “Really interesting and inspiring”

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